A Mom’s Relationship with Her Clothes? It’s Complicated

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A Mom’s Relationship with Her Clothes? It’s Complicated

The KonMari Method can help you manage your maternity and pre/post pregnancy wardrobe.

If you have young children, you’ve probably amassed an impressive wardrobe of maternity and post-baby clothes. Add this to your pre-baby wardrobe and your closet might be bursting at the seams with clothes of all different sizes.

KonMari to the rescue

That’s where the KonMari Method comes in. It helped me get control over what had become of my closet—and my state of mind. After three kiddos in six years, my collection of clothes ballooned. At one point, I had three wardrobes—pre-pregnancy, maternity, and post-partum—with the latter composed of four sizes.

When I applied the KonMari Method to my clothing, I was finally able to let go (guilt-free!) of all the clothes I didn’t love that were holding me back from feeling great about what I wear every day.

The reason the method works is that it’s so simple. And you can do it any time—whether you’re done having kids, want more, or are trying to lose some post-baby pounds.

To apply the method, you just need to make decisions based on one criterion: The item must “spark joy.” Or, put another way, do you love it? Take everything out of your closet, then think about each item of clothing, and ask yourself, “How do I feel when I hold it?” Does it make you feel guilty, or bring up other negative feelings? Does it not suit you? If it doesn’t make you feel happy when you hold it, it’s time to remove it from your home.

Some considerations that are not factors in the decision of whether to keep something are: It’s brand-new with tags. Maybe it was a gift, or you paid a lot for it or you think maybe someday you’ll have an occasion to wear it. The KonMari Method challenges you to really think about how each item in your closet makes you feel. Does that expensive dress bring you pains of regret? The bottom line is that if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s okay to appreciate it for the role it played in your life and then let it go.

Letting go is easier with support

Even though this method is simple, it may take practice. And it is hard to let some things go. You may find that it’s easier with an accountability partner. I’m happy to help by providing guidance, encouragement, and support. Contact me today and let’s get your closet under control!