Want to Get Out of the Door Quickly and Easily?

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Want to Get Out of the Door Quickly and Easily?

Organize Your Mudroom or Entryway for Spring

One of the things I love about Minnesota is how Minnesotans fully embrace the attributes and activities of every season. In winter, we create ice rinks in our backyards. In summer, we spend entire weekend days swimming and sunning. To fully support your needs and lifestyle for each season, your mudroom or entryway needs to evolve throughout the year.

Start by taking everything out

First, to successfully transition your mudroom or entryway for spring, you should take everything out—don’t leave anything in its current place. If something is left in its little corner of the mudroom, the chances increase significantly that the item will stay there, whether it should or not. And this is a mistake for any place, but especially for the mudroom, which should not be a permanent home for most things.

Gather all the items in the same category

Don’t treat your mudroom or entryway like a space; treat it like a category. For the things you currently store in your mudroom, gather similar items from everywhere in the house and put them with their similar counterparts, so you can see everything you have in each category. Then, you will know what you have enough of, and what you need to purchase—and maybe it’s nothing at all!

Decide what you need to keep in the mudroom and what should be relocated

Next, think about your needs and what belongs in the mudroom, given the current season. Consider the mudroom to be the temporary home for your spring and summer stuff. Give the “good spots” to items like sunscreen, sandals, swim gear, and picnic blankets. Then, move out-of-season items, like gloves, scarves, and boots, to less accessible places such as bedroom closets or storage areas. Be sure to label what you store, making it easier to grab next fall.

Your mudroom or entryway shouldn’t stay the same year-round. It’s a high-traffic, hardworking area—arguably the most important in the house. When you put in the work to transition it from season to season, this space will work well for you—and you and your family deserve that! Good luck!